Walters, William Cluster Member

Current position(s), Institution
Cross-appointed: Department of Political Science and Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Fields of expertise
  • Political Sociology
  • Social Theory
  • Political Economy
Projects relevant to the cluster
  • ‘Migration Control beyond the State: Private Power and the Governance of “Illegal Immigration”, SSHRC standard research grant, 2005-09 ($59,000)
Publications related to European/EU Studies
  • Walters, W. (2012) Governmentality: Critical Encounters, Abingdon/New York: Routledge.
  • Walters, W. (2008) ‘Europe’s Borders’, in C. Rumford (ed.) Sage Handbook of European Studies, London: Sage, 485-505.
  • Walters, W. (2008) ‘Anti-Policy and Anti-Politics: Critical Reflections on Certain Schemes to Govern Bad Things’, European Journal of Cultural Studies, 11(3): 267-288.
  • Walters, W. (2008) ‘Anti-Illegal Immigration Policy: The EU Case’ in C. Gabriel and H. Pellerin (eds) Governing International Labour Migration, London: Routledge, 43-59.
  • Walters, W. (2008) ‘Acts of Demonstration: Mapping the Territory of (Non-)Citizenship’, in E. Isin and G. Neilson (eds) Acts of Citizenship, London: Zed Books, 182-207.
  • Walters, W. (2008) ‘Bordering the Sea: Shipping Industries and the Policing of Stowaways’, Borderlands e-journal, 8(3): 1-25. Published in German as ‘Schifffahrtsindustrie und die gouvernmentale Verwaltung des blinden Passagiers’ [Shipping Industries and the Policing of Stowaways] (trans. Andreas Müller), Comparativ: Zeitschrift für Global Geschichte und Vergleichende Gesellschaftforschung, 18(1) 2008: 69-90.
  • Walters, W. (2006) ‘Rethinking Borders Beyond the State’, Comparative European Politics, 4(2/3): 141-159.
  • Walters, W. and Haahr, J.H. (2005) Governing Europe: Discourse, Governmentality and European Integration, London: Routledge, p. 177.
  • Walters, W. (2004) ‘Secure Borders, Safe Haven, Domopolitics’ Citizenship Studies, 8(3): 237-260. Republished in P. Nyers (ed.)
  • Walters, W. (2004) ‘The Frontiers of the European Union: A Geostrategic Perspective’, Geopolitics, 9(2): 674-98.
  • Walters, W. (2004) ‘The Political Rationality of European Integration’ in W. Larner and W. Walters (eds) Global Governmentality, London: Routledge, 155-73.
Outreach Experience

Print Media:
(2008) ‘Globalization and Power – Governmentalization of Europe? An Interview with William Walters’, A. Tietäväinen, M. Pyykkönen, J. Kaisto, Foucault Studies 5: 63-73. (Shorter version published in Finnish as ‘Governmentality Studies’, Yhteiskuntapolitiikka, (Social Policy – Finland’s major social policy journal) 72(1), 2007: 98-101. (2005) ‘Genealogien der Kontrollen’, (Genealogies of Control) [W. Walters in conversation with Marion von Osten] in Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Projekt Migration (an exhibition catalogue), Köln: DuMont, 799-801.

Open to media contact
Carleton University, Department of Political Science, Loeb Building, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B6
Office Phone Number
(613) 520-2600 x2790
Department Phone Number
(613) 520-2777
Other important publications
  • Walters, W. (2008) ‘Putting the Migration-Security Complex in its Place’, in L. Amoore and M. de Goede (eds) Risk and the War on Terror, London: Routledge, 158-177.
  • Walters, W. (2006) ‘Border/Control’, European Journal of Social Theory, 9(2): 187-204
  • Walters, W.* and Haahr, J.H. (2005) ‘Governmentality and Political Studies’, European Political Science, 4(3): 288-300.
  • Larner, W. and Walters, W. (2005) ‘Globalization as Governmentality’, Alternatives, 30(1): 495-515.
  • Walters, W. (2004) ‘Some Critical Notes on “Governance”’, Studies in Political Economy, 73: 25-42.
  • Larner, W. and Walters, W. (2004) Global Governmentality: Governing International Spaces, London: Routledge, p. 261.
Education and professional achievements
  • B.Sc. (Imperial College, University of London)
  • M.A. (City University New York)
  • Ph.D. (York University)
Courses taught
  • Governance, Power, Politics (4000/5000)
  • Political Sociology (5000)
  • Technopolitics (4000)
  • Great Political Questions: Power and Resistance (1000)
Fluent spoken languages
Fluent written languages

William Walters is currently engaged in two research projects. The first examines the technopolitics of governing borders and human mobility and focuses on the emergence of new forms of identification and authentication such as the e-passport. The second is a book project exploring the recent uptake of Foucauldian political sociology within international relations. His previous research includes a contribution to the genealogy of social citizenship, and a study of the discourse of ‘illegal immigration' in Europe. Media Experience: Dr. Walters has media outreach experience predominantly in Print.

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