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  1. Three days of national mourning have begun in Egypt for the 235 people killed in a bomb and gun attack during Friday prayers at a mosque in North Sinai
  2. IRC Director Paolo Cernuschi says a huge humanitarian crisis looms 'of proportions [...] we've not seen in our lifetimes'.
  3. Martin Schulz's Social Democrats have agreed to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel in efforts to end Germany's political stalemate
  4. A tiger was shot dead by its handler after escaping from a Paris circus, police said
  5. Euronews spoke to Romania's anti-corruption chief Laura Kovesi about her efforts to stamp out graft in the country
  6. Militants have killed hundreds of police and soldiers over recent years in Egypt but appear to have shifted tactics with Friday's attack on a mosque
  7. Lawyers who represent victims of faulty products are sounding the alarm in the UK
  8. The brain implants, controlled by artificial intelligence and aimed at treating mood disorders, have been used on people for the first time.
  9. Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe’s newly inaugurated president, has vowed to revive the country's economy
  10. Met Police said there was "no evidence of shots fired or casualties"
  11. The European Commission’s proposals for addressing the problem of joblessness are in many cases insufficient, say Alois Stöger and Nicolas Schmit
  12. French number one Jo-Wilfried Tsonga demolished Belgian Steve Darcis in the Davis Cup Final
  13. The ARA San Juan disappeared last Wednesday with 44 crew members on board. What kind of ship is it? Where did it disappear? How long can the crew survive?
  14. Hungary finds itself in an ideological battle with Brussels and several EU states.
  15. Militants detonated a bomb and then gunned down worshippers as they fled.