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  1. Clashes erupt as indigenous activists protest in Brasilia

    Indigenous people and police have clashed near Brasilia’s congressional building, during a protest over land disputes.
  2. Islamist group claim responsibility for St Petersburg metro attack

    A group called the Imam Shamil Battalion has claimed responsibility for a metro bombing in the Russian city of St. Petersburg that killed 16 people.
  3. Remembering Chernobyl, 31 years on

    A ceremony has been held in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv to remember the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, 31 years on.
  4. US moves anti-missile system to South Korea amid tensions with North

    The US military has started moving parts of the controversial THAAD anti-missile defence system to a deployment site in South Korea.
  5. Judge blocks 'sanctuary' cities executive order, in immigration blow to Trump

    A US judge has blocked an executive order that seeks to withhold funds from so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ – areas where local policies have been put in place to protect undocumented…
  6. Netanyahu refuses to meet German minister in diplomatic spat

    Amid tension between Israel and Germany over Berlin’s criticism of settlement building in the West Bank, there is a new diplomatic flare-up.
  7. Erdogan slams Council of Europe decision to put Turkey on watchlist

    It’s “entirely political” and we reject it.
  8. Global operation nets millions of euros worth of fake food and drink

    Fraud in the food market has been the target of a massive global operation, with the seizure of 230 million euros worth of fake food and drinks.
  9. British election: Labour offers Brexit pledge on EU nationals

    The stakes have been raised ahead of Britain’s early election in June, with the opposition Labour Party setting out its Brexit strategy.
  10. Stock markets calm after Macron rally

    Europe's stock markets made moderate gains on Tuesday with as investors shifted their focus from politics to business fundamentals.
  11. Ivanka booed in Berlin as she defends Donald

    The US "First Daughter" fielded catcalls when she described her father as "a tremendous champion of supporting families"
  12. Macron campaign targeted by 'Russian hackers'

    French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron was the victim of a cyber attack, say experts
  13. Trump approaches 100 days in power

    For American presidents, this is an important milestone.
  14. Israel-Germany spat over minister's meeting with NGOs

    A diplomatic row has broken out between Israel and Germany.
  15. Flying cars now available for pre-order

    Some of the world’s most lavish supercars took a backseat to futuristic flying cars at the Top Marques Monaco luxury car show.
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