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  1. On Friday, two people were killed in Portland, Oregon, USA, while trying to defend a Muslim teenager from abuse on a train. Taliesin Myrddin
  2. The German finance minister also says the British will come to learn that 'Brexit was a mistake'.
  3. London Heathrow Airport says there are still some disruptions to British Airways flights following a global computer system failure at the
  4. North Korea has fired what appears to have been a short-range ballistic missile . It is the latest test in a series of launches which have angered
  5. Manchester police make more arrests as they search for members of bomber Abedi's network
  6. Swedish art satrire, "The Square" wins top prize as Cannes Film Festival
  7. Our journalists are working on this story and will update it as soon as more information becomes available.
  8. Egypt has launched a second round of air stirkes over Libya in retaliation for Friday’s attack on a bus carrying Coptic Christians near Cairo
  9. France will introduce a new law by the end of the year to soften punishments for cannabis use, officials say. The legislation, a key promise of
  10. As the G7 leaders arrive home after their summit in Sicily, some 1500 migrants have been taken ashore in Naples by the charity Doctors Without
  11. Runners pay tribute to the victims of the suicide attack on the Manchester Arena.
  12. There is intense fighting in Mosul as Iraqi troops attempt to recapture the last ISIL-held enclave in the city. The area targeted takes in the Old
  13. A zoo in Australia has been showing off a rare new arrival – the birth of its first Asian elephant calf in nearly seven years. Sydney’s Taronga Zoo
  14. The tomb of General de Gaulle, one of France’s most revered figures, has been vandalised. CCTV captured the moment a man climbed onto the former
  15. New CCTV images are intended to help police trace the bomber's movements, as the UK threat level is downgraded from critical to severe