Why should Canada care about Europe?

September 29, 2011 - Two of our cluster scholars address the issue of why indeed developments in European society and politics should be considered of critical importance. Prof. Amy Verdun speaks about the emerging modes of multilevel governance in European context and what Canada as a federal state can learn from these modes of governance. Prof Oliver Schmidtke addresses the issue of migration and cultural diversity. He argues that Canada should take account of both the highly contested politicization of migration issues and innovative policy responses to managing diversity and integration.


Modes of Government: Why compare Canada and the European Union

Canada and the European Union (EU) are complex multilevel governance systems where authority is dispersed between orders of government ─ local, regional, provincial, national and supra-national ─ as well as across spheres and sectors including markets, stakeholders and citizens. Each political system uses different modes of governance, resulting in different degrees of effectiveness in policy-making and implementation.  In this video clip Dr. Amy Verdun explains briefly Why compare the Modes of Governance in Canada and the European Union.