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A long-distance relationship: online internship in Canada and Germany

More stories from our team By Christian Tautphäus, University of Applied Sciences Kehl, Intern Spring / Summer 2021 How do you find an exciting internship in an international setting during COVID-19 times?  In my case I could luckily fall back on a collaboration between my University and the University of Victoria, especially the teams at […]

EUCAnet ‘s home page image features Karen Yen’s painting “Island Hopping”

Our main image on the EUCAnet homepage is a digital copy of the painting “Island Hopping” (acrylic on canvas) by the designer Karen Yen. Since almost five years Karen has collaborated closely with the EUCAnet team at the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria. The digital copy of the painting was slightly […]

EUCAnet Activities: Transatlantic Network

Our goal is to foster the Canada Europe Transatlantic Dialogue, creating long-term transnational networks of scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds; producing innovative and impactful scholarly research within our networks; and support the process of informing public policy making. With this goal in mind, EUCAnet: Brings together research groups on Europe-Canada relations such as  issues of […]

EUCAnet Activities: Learning Tools

A constitutive part of our projects is dedicated to the development of  knowledge tools and training activities. These involve: Developing project publications for young scholars with training purposes – see our guide “Media strategies for scholars in Canada” Training High School teachers on specific topics – Experts visits in High-schools during Professional Development days Producing […]

EUCAnet Activities: Youth Engagement

One of our main goals is to connect young minds, create a venue for  brainstorming and promote their work. We do this by: Involving young scholars in pre-seminar events (See for example the pre-seminars organised during the conferences for the “Europe Canada Dialogue on Democracy project”) Offering essay contest (see our latest contest on “Populism […]

EUCAnet Activities: Scholary Expertise

We are a public outreach platform that makes scholarly knowledge available and meaningful to the public in times when the need for evidence based knowledge and public debate is crucial. We pursue this objective by: Promoting scholarly expertise through a comprehensive experts database and search functions Featuring scholarly expertise in one on one experts interviews […]

EUCAnet Activities: Public Outreach

Sharing academic knowledge with various communities is at the heart of our projects. We offer a series of outreach activities for our community stakeholders on issues of democracy, migration, memory politics, EU topics or Canada-Europe relations: EucaNet Blog with contributions from young and senior scholars YouTube channel featuring interviews with experts Webinars and events that […]

Rescaling citizenship Inclusion and exclusion of refugees in Europe’s multi-level governance structure

Schmidtke, Oliver (2021) ‘Rescaling Citizenship: Inclusion and Exclusion of Refugees in Europe’s Multi-level Governance Structure’. In: Mackert, J., Wolf, H. and B. Turner (eds.). The Condition of Democracy (Volume 2). New York: Routledge, 19-35, 2021. The recent ‘refugee crisis’ in Europe has highlighted structural deficiencies of both the international human rights system and national citizenship […]