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Webinar: Contesting National Memory in Canada: The Role of the Right

As recent controversies over the public honouring of historical figures such as John A. Macdonald, Egerton Ryerson, and Edward Cornwallis attest, the “memory wars” familiar in many European countries are now noticeably present in Canada as well. Familiar also in European contexts, but perhaps more novel to Canadians, is the keen interest being shown by […]

Webinar: Collective memory and populism in Central Europe (in Polish)

  Nationalist-populist movements around the globe rely centrally on a particular form of collective memory in framing national identity and advancing their political agenda. This webinar with Polish experts provides an exceptional opportunity for addressing the rise of populism in Poland (and Central Europe) and how it is rooted in a resurgence of nationalist historic […]

The Structural injustice turn, the historical justice dilemma, and assigning responsibility with the TRC report

James, Matt (2021). The Structural injustice turn, the historical justice dilemma, and assigning responsibility with the TRC report, Canadian Journal of Political Science 54(2): 374-396. This article addresses the historical justice dilemma: although critical memory is indispensable for accountability, efforts to use it are often hampered by the unjust relations and systems that caused the […]

Webinar: European Memory from a Franco-German Perspective: a Memory of War or a Memory of Peace? (in French)

WHEN: Tuesday, May11th, 2021 TIME: 9:00am-11:00am (PST) DETAILS: What meaning does memory politics have in contemporary Europe? How do we understand collective memory in particular with respect to an emerging European memory culture? These questions are at the heart of this webinar. A first roundtable will address these issues in form of an interview and […]

‘Winning Back Control’: Migration, Borders and Visions of Political Community

Schmidtke, Oliver (2021). ‘Winning Back Control’: Migration, Borders and Visions of Political Community. International Studies pp. 1–18. Sage. This article focuses on the governance of migration and borders as key issues of Brexit in a dual sense: as a contested political issue centrally fueling the Brexit debates and as an area of policy formation. First, […]

Policy Formation and Citizenship Practices: Germany’s Regions as Laboratories for Immigrant Integration

By Oliver Schmidtke (University of Victoria) Full article: Journal of International Migration and Integration (2021), Springer. Federal states develop intricate multi-level governance practices specific to particular fields of public policy making.  Since 1949,  German federalism has been characterized by a perennial trend of centralization (Kaiser and Vogel 2019) which shapes the division of competences between […]

The Polish Wild West – Forced Migration and Cultural Appropriation on the Polish-German Borderlands, 1945-1948

Beata Halicka (2020) The Polish Wild West. Forced Migration and Cultural Appropriation in the Polish-German Borderlands, 1945-1948. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. The incorporation of German territories east of the Oder and Western Neisse rivers into Poland in 1945 was linked with the difficult process of an almost total exchange of population and involved the […]