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Dignity on the Prut River

Piotr Oleksy, a part of the EuMePo team as an assistant to the academic coordinators at European universities, wrote an article for the Aspen Review discussing issues surrounding the Romanian-Moldavian border. The article begins: Romania and Moldova, despite historical, cultural and social ties, are currently two distant worlds. But in both countries there is an […]

Bridging Democracy’s Chasm, by Laurence Claussen

by Laurence Claussen, EUCAnet Assistant You can also read this piece on Braintree, Laurence’s blog. For parties and politicians in democratic systems, there are two basic goals: winning elections and implementing policies. First, you have to seize office or parliamentary seats, then you can try to put your political or social vision into practice. These goals […]

A Transatlantic Collaboration from Canada, to Germany, to England

News from our Team By Laurence Claussen, MA University of British Columbia – EUCAnet intern Summer 2021 As a young scholar one is sometimes presented with opportunities to directly engage with international researchers. In my case, while an MA student at the University of British Columbia’s department of Political Science, I was lucky to receive […]

An Internship under Special Conditions, by Niklas Lehmann, Germany

By Niklas Lehmann, Intern (February to April 2021) I was given the opportunity by my home university in Germany to spend three months of my studies as an intern at the University of Victoria in Canada. More specifically, I was allowed to join the EUCAnet project group under the Co-leads Professor Dr. Oliver Schmidtke and Beate […]

“Naziism in Canada”?: The Internment of Japanese Canadians and the History of Comparison

Stanger-Ross, Jordan (2021). “Naziism in Canada”?: The Internment of Japanese Canadians and the History of Comparison. In Helga Thorson and Charlotte Schallie (eds.), After the Holocaust: Human Rights and Genocide Education in the Approaching Post-Witness Era (University of Regina Press, Regina), 63-82.  

Borderlands Biography: Z. Anthony Kruszewski in Wartime Europe and Postwar America

Halicka, Beata (2021). Borderlands Biography. Z. Anthony Kruszewski in wartime Europe and postwar America. (Brill Ferdinand Schönningh). Beata Halicka’s masterly narrated biography is the story of an extraordinary man and leading intellectual in the Polish-American community. Z. Anthony Kruszewski was first a Polish scout fighting in World War II against the Nazi occupiers, then a […]

EUCANet Internship during COVID: Ottawa – Victoria, by Sarah Cool-Fergus

By Sarah Cool-Fergus A bright hallway, a comfy-looking chair, an EU flag hanging on the wall, church bells ringing in the distance: these are the items and sounds which appeared in my colleagues’ backgrounds as we Zoomed every week over my past three months as an intern for EUCAnet.  Working during COVID-times isn’t always easy […]

Past EUCAnet Interns

Interested in interning with EUCAnet? Send an email to info@eucanet.org with a brief introduction and your CV. Past EUCAnet Interns: Julia Botscher (Summer/Fall 2021): MA Student, Intern Christian Tautphäus (Spring/Summer 2021): MA Student, Intern Sarah Cool-Fergus (Spring 2021): MA Erasmus Student, Intern Niklas Lehmann (Spring 2021): MA Student, Intern Feline Griesel (2019-2020): BA student, Maastricht University […]

Oliver Schmidtke: Exploring the Rise of Populism and the Threat to Liberal Democracy

In this lecture, Oliver Schmidtke conceptualizes the rise of populism as a way of a mirror image of the state of current liberal democracy. Noting that populism speaks to liberal democracy’s shortcomings, he stresses that right wing populism is driven by a frustration with contemporary forms of democratic governance. Providing a broader historical introduction to […]