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EUCANet Internship during COVID: Ottawa – Victoria, by Sarah Cool-Fergus

By Sarah Cool-Fergus A bright hallway, a comfy-looking chair, an EU flag hanging on the wall, church bells ringing in the distance: these are the items and sounds which appeared in my colleagues’ backgrounds as we Zoomed every week over my past three months as an intern for EUCAnet.  Working during COVID-times isn’t always easy […]

Past EUCAnet Interns

Interested in interning with EUCAnet? Send an email to info@eucanet.org with a brief introduction and your CV. Past EUCAnet Interns: Feline Griesel (2019-2020): BA student, Maastricht University (Netherlands), Volunteer Intern for Youth Connections Isabelle Staiger (Spring 2020): BA student, University of Applied Sciences Kehl (Germany) Uluhan Sahin (Winter 2019): MA student, Universities of Applied Sciences Kehl/Ludwigsburg […]

Oliver Schmidtke: Exploring the Rise of Populism and the Threat to Liberal Democracy

In this lecture, Oliver Schmidtke conceptualizes the rise of populism as a way of a mirror image of the state of current liberal democracy. Noting that populism speaks to liberal democracy’s shortcomings, he stresses that right wing populism is driven by a frustration with contemporary forms of democratic governance. Providing a broader historical introduction to […]

Chantal Mouffe: The crisis of democracy – interview at the University of Victoria

Chantal Mouffe, University of Westminster, London, participated in the video series on The Futures of Democracies during the international conference “Democracy and Its Futures”, March 21-22, 2019. She accepted the invitation to respond to a bold question “What are the greatest challenges to democracy?” In this video, Chantal Mouffe reflects on the crisis of democracy […]

Robin Celikates: The Futures of Democracies – interview at the University of Victoria

In this video Robin Çelikateş, Professor of Social Philosophy and Anthropology at the Free University of Berlin, reflects on the crises and says that “democracies, as they actually exist, have always relied on excluding large part of the population”. Çelikateş reminds that the term “crisis” is originally a medical term, a metaphor to point to […]

Richard Bellamy: Democratic Structures and Populist Movements

Richard Bellamy ( Department of Political Science, University College London) participated in the video series on Dialogue on Democracy: The Rise of Populism during the international conference “Constitutionalism in the Age of Populism”, March 6-8, 2020. He gave a paper on When is Democracy Constitutional? On the Relations between Political, Populist and Popular Constitutionalism and […]

Rebeccah Nelems: How Do You Link Empathy And Democracy In The Concept Of The Canopy?

Rebeccah Nelems, PhD student in the Sociology and Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (CSPT) program and member of the Cedar Trees Institute at the Central for Global Studies at the University of Victoria, participated during the international conference “Constitutionalism in the Age of Populism”, March 6-8, 2020. For the video series on Populism and Democracy […]

Prof. Colin Macleod: What Are The Greatest Challenges Populism Poses To Democracy?

In this video, Colin MacLeod, Professor in Law and Philosophy and Chair of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Victoria, discusses how there is one kind of populism that reveals the insensitivity of democratic institutions to reasonable grievances and complaints that people have. But there is also another form of populism which is […]

Prof. John Borrows: What Are The Greatest Challenges Populism Poses To Democracy?

In this video, John Borrows, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Law at the University of Victoria Law School, discusses how populism can be a good challenge for democracy but can also undermine it. According to John Borrows, it could have a positive influence on democracy because it induces us to take the critique […]