Professor Laurent Pech from Middlesex University London answered Euronews' questions regarding the current situation in Poland. 

"...What about Poland today, in July 2018? As a lawyer, perfectly aware of the changes that are taking place in its legal system, can you say that Poland is a State governed by the rule of law? Is it a democracy?

The short answer is that Poland is no longer a state governed by the rule of law. I am for instance in full agreement with the diagnosis offered by the European Commission and many other international respected bodies. In essence, Poland’s so-called “judicial reforms” are not reforms at all but rather a set of deliberate systemic attacks on the independence of the Polish judiciary. Their cumulative impact means that Poland’s ruling party is now in a position to violate the Polish Constitution at will without consequence. It has done so on multiple occasions by adopting laws which, to borrow from the analysis of the European Commission, has allowed it “to politically interfere in the composition, powers, administration and functioning of the judicial branch”. Poland will also cease to be a genuine democracy once the ruling party, as seems likely, introduces “electoral reforms” so as to essentially ensure that it will not lose power - no matter what...."

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