Kenneth Macartney, former Ambassador to Sweden, Associate Fellow at the Centre for Global Studies at the University 

Sweden's 2015 diplomatic spat with Saudi Arabia may provide lessons for Canada in seeking some form of rapprochement with the kingdom without apologizing for standing up for basic human rights.

Kenneth Macartney wrote an OP-ed for the Times Colonist: "Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic rift with Canada parallels what Sweden endured in 2015, but might prove more challenging to resolve. In late 2014, a newly elected Swedish government presented two major foreign and trade policy initiatives that should sound familiar to Canadians. Foreign Minister Margot Wallström declared that a feminist foreign policy, with its emphasis on human rights, would guide her department’s efforts. Meanwhile, Trade Minister Mikael Damberg was developing a new export and investment attraction strategy aimed at greater diversification toward emerging markets. Saudi Arabia was one of the priority countries...." Read more 

Photo: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin SalmanCredits: Photograph By AP PHOTO/ALASTAIR GRANT


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