The EUCAnet Blog is life! We would like to encourage junior and senior scholars working in the field of European Studies in Canada to submit their contributions and share with the wider public their thoughts in current topic from the transatlantic perspective. 

This Blog, as part of the EUCAnet project, will provide some insight into the ongoing discussions based on workshops, webinars, roundtables and conferences, all dedicated to navigating our global problems that emerge out of issues over security, inequality, environmental degradation and migration. We hope to address issues in these fields of public policy making that are of shared concerns to audiences in Canada and Europe and that could benefit from a comparative transatlantic perspective. The Blog will provide an opportunity for many different voices to be heard and to share opinions, perceptions or approaches, including students focusing their research on these issues, practitioners and policy makers  responding to these issues and scholars providing an academic interpretation of  global challenges. The comment section invites direct feedback and aims to spark further discussion among people from different fields and experiences.

Share with us your thoughts!

If you are interested check out our Guidelines.  


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