The EU Study Tour 2019 allows students from the University of Victoria and all over Canada to participate in meeting arranged at European Union's institutions to learn about the evolution, and the current political issues. 

The Field School took place in May, and brought students to Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Frankfurt. The visits included meetings at key sites of European Union institutions and civil society organisations. Students engaged with representatives of the EU’s administrative and political leadership, such as the European Commission, Parliament, Court of Justice, and Central Bank, along with other European organizations such as NATO, the European Court of Human Rights, and the Canadian Mission to the EU. 

Read the blog contributions the student shared with us. A special Thank you to Conrad King, who accompanied them along their trip and motivated the students to write the blogs. 

Blog contributions so far:

Analytical Reflection of European Integration, by Malcolm Thomson,  BA student at the Political Science Department, University of Victoria

European Central Bank (ECB) and the responses to economic crises, by Shannon Rabey,  student at the University of Victoria

Gaps in the System: Absence of Solidarity Principle on Migration, by Noel Guscott, student at the Dalhousie University

Russia-EU Relations May Not Be As Bleak As They Seem, by Alina Sobolik, student at the Department of Political Science, University of Victoria

The impact of the migrant crisis on human trafficking – insights to the work of PAYOKE, By Jasmine Pathak,  student at the University of Victoria


For more information about the EU Study Tour read here.


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