Imagine a digitally-literate society where online empathy is enforced, your digital footprint can be erased, and your voice is counted directly in political decision-making.

These are some of the many policy recommendations of participants in “Our Digital Future – c’est ICI,” a new political engagement initiative bringing youth (18-30 years of age) together from all corners of Canada and Europe. Since October 2019, during a series of 24-hour “Thinkathons,” young minds have been coming together in-person and online to brainstorm, debate, and co-create proposals on digital futures for politicians in Canada and Europe. The first two youth dialogues took place in Montreal and Brussels (October 2019) and Edmonton and Milan (November 2019), on the topics of Citizenship 4.0 and Social Relations in the digital age, respectively.

 Over this year-long initiative, 600 youth will participate in dynamic on-site conversations moderated by experts and connect on an innovative online platform for real-time, transatlantic dialogue. Four more youth policy dialogues will take place in 2020, in Vancouver and Madrid (March), Halifax and Tallinn (May), Ottawa and Athens (September), and Toronto and Frankfurt (October).

The March Thinkathon on Smart and Fast Expanding Cities in the digital age is now open for registration.

Join the conversation on our digital future and help us build a more inclusive digital world!

The project is organized by the Goethe-Institut, ThinkYoung and Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi NDG and funded by the European Union as part of its program, “EU-Canada Youth Transatlantic Civil Society Dialogues.”

To learn more about this event, contact: Marcel Sangsari, Press and Information Agent, Goethe-Institut, +1 613 265-5207, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Youth voices

“Thank you for this wonderful event; I learned so much about policy making, creating a communications plan and combining different disciplines to work towards a common set of goals.  Thank you for awarding me the grand prize to attend the Thinkathon in Frankfurt next year; I am beyond excited for this opportunity and am grateful to everyone for it.”

- Badri Murali, participant in Montreal-Brussels Thinkathon #1

“In 2020 it is essential to talk about how we consume digital content, how it affects our mental health & what can we do to be more inclusive. I loved the 24-hour brainstorming process under inspiring supervision of knowledgeable moderators and sharing ideas with smart, like-minded individuals! The best spent time ever. 200%.”

-  Mila Sokolyanskaya, Participant in Edmonton- ilan Thinkathon #2









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