Professor Achim Hurrelmann is a regular contributor to national and international media. 

The MSEUCA project invited selected scholars to share some tips and advice about their outreach expertise:

“Even brief media appearances can take a lot of time – preparation, travelling to the studio, waiting for your segment to come up, and so on. I only do media appearances on topics that matter to me. I ask myself if I have something relevant to say, and if I am confident that the program will give me the space to do so. It is important to think ahead about the key points you want to make, but you should also be ready for unexpected lines questioning. For TV, one thing I had to learn is to cut out excessive hand gestures, which come across as awkward. No interview is ever perfect, but you can use them as a learning experience: Watch the video or listen to the recording, and take notes on what to improve next time.”

“It is important for academics that we learn how to communicate scholarly knowledge or research findings to a broader audience. This can greatly increase the impact of our work. I also think that, as publicly funded scholars, we have a duty to share our expertise with society.”

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