Presentation during the Round-Table  "Expert knowledge in the age of declining trust in the media" in Toronto at the ECSA-C Biennial 2018.

Video clip of the presentation by Doug Saunders: Improving the relationship between scholars and media

According to Doug Saunders in Canada the relationship between scholarly researchers and journalists is an imperfect one. Just a few academics are regularly consulted by and contribute to media. A lot of the most important, interesting and newsworthy work is regularly overlooked or under appreciated.
According to Saunders it is important to build up relationships earlier in the game by making people aware of the research, not assuming that research findings are only of interest within a particular academic discipline and recognizing that there are not a lot of other people saying the things that need to be said.
A lot of the media have returned to solid and respectable scholarship as their sources of information at a moment when people in various parts of the political sphere around the world are challenging solid knowledge, are trying to rely on rhetoric and truth claims that lack empirical evidence. As a result, there is now a much greater appetite among editors and journalists for building better relationships with scholars who are engaged in systematic empirical research.



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