Young students in the field of European Studies are often confronted with a complex field of study and at the same time with many opportunities when it comes to choosing the right topic, mentor, participating in conferences, applying for research and travel funds, etc. We asked senior scholars from Europe, Canada and the US at the European Community Studies Association in Canada (ECSA-C) Biennial 2018 in Toronto to share with us their advise/ recommendations when it comes to developing a successful career. Watch our video playlist "EU Experts in the Spotlight: How to plan your career in the field of EU Studies in Canada and abroad" where EU scholars speak about how they started their careers, what allowed them to succeed, how they needed to adapt in their field of studies in oder to find their niche to be successful and what they now think is important for the young scholars at the beginning of their careers.  The scholars interviewed in this series are: Dr. Joan DeBardeleben, Carleton University; Dr. Patrick Leblond, University of Ottawa; Dr. Costanza Musu, University of Ottawa; Dr. Laurent Pech, Middlesex University London, UK; Dr. Michelle Egan, American University, Washington D.C, US; Dr. Pablo Ouziel, University of Victoria



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