NEW POLICY MEMO for the Canada Europe Dialogue on Democracy Project (CEDoD) The Politics of Quarantine: Reinventing Democracy by Ethan  Connor Quilty,  student at the Departments Marine Biology and Political Science, University of Victoria


The COVID19 pandemic has exposed many of the challenges representative democracies face. Principal among these is the growing miscommunication between governments, citizens and the media. As a consequence, citizens are largely left out of the democratic process and often fall victim to policies detrimental to their interests. Since whole populations are confined to their homes, people are unable to protest or practice political contestation in their traditional ways. In the meantime, it is becoming evident that numerous governments across the globe have failed to meaningfully engage and consult their citizens in matters related to the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, I argue that many of the governmental responses to this crisis might have caused great losses of life and contributed to generat-ing an economic catastrophe of unprecedented magnitude. Pandemics like COVID-19 can be prevented in the future, but only if changes are made to our democratic process.

Read the full Policy Memo by Ethan Connor Quilty,  student at the Departments Marine Biology and Political Science, University of Victoria. Written in consultation with Dr. Pablo Ouziel, Dr. Keith Cherry and Dr. Oliver Schmidtke, Department of Political Science and Centre for Global Studies.

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