The 12th Biennial European Community Studies Association Conference will take up the questions of unity, diversity and populism to interrogate the ways in which the European Union, member states and citizens are responding to the challenges arising from a changing global reality. We wish to address the ways in which Europe promotes and undermines both unity and diversity through its policies, its interactions on the global stage, and its institutional organization. Topics might include citizenship, economics, cultural policies, democratic empowerment, gender and racial equality, freedom of movement, learning, active citizenship, minority rights and the refugee crisis, and the EU’s impact on its periphery and the world, including enlargement, foreign, security and trade policy. We will explore the role of EU institutions, but also member state governments, political, cultural and economic forces, and integration dynamics. Our objective is to provide a balanced assessment and analytical understanding of the EU’s specific contributions (or lack thereof) to unity and diversity broadly understood.

During the Biennial 2018 our ECSA-Cn team will offer social media trainings, debate about possible national wide outreach synergies and offer video recordings to young and senior experts working on EU and Eu related issues.

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