Tuesday, March 19th | 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM PST

Live: Sunset Labs | 400 Herald Street | Victoria BC | map

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This event addresses the issues of public debate and the role of academia with a focus on the discussions on democracy and its futures. Experts from academia and various civil society communities come together and discuss the challenges of sharing knowledge supporting the core idea that democracy rests on the process of decision making through procedures of free and equal public deliberation. Yet, contemporary Western democracies suffer from declining trust in the political process and massive disinformation in particular in social media.

The panel discussion will address the conditions under which civic dialogue and democratic deliberation can be effective in a political environment increasingly shaped by populist rhetoric and deep divisions in the public sphere. The event can be attended at the Sunset Labs Studio or via livestream.

Our speakers are: 

Ben Isitt, University of Victoria and Victoria City Councillor

Tom Junes, HSSF Sofia

Laurel Collins, Victoria City Councillor

Pablo Ouziel, University of Victoria

David Owen, University of Southampton

Dennis Pilon, York University

Antje Wiener, Universität Hamburg

Video Contribution

Boaventura de Sousa Santos, University of Coimbra

James Tully, University of Victoria

Moderators: Rebeccah Nelems and Oliver Schmidtke, Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria


Join us for the discussion: What form should and could the public debate take? What role can academia and the media play in facilitating processes of public deliberation as the cornerstone of democratic practices? And what does this mean when addressing issues from a comparative transatlantic perspective ?



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