The second event series of the CEDoM (Canada Europe Dialogue on Migration) project - will kick off with a public Europe-Canada dialogue on the refugee crisis.

Oliver Schmidtke (CFGS Director, UVic) and Ruben Zaiotti (JMEUCE Director, University of Dalhousie) will be in conversation with TIMA KURDI, the author of "The boy on the beach. My family's escape from Syria and our hope for a new home". 

Tima Kurdi is an internationally recognized spokesperson who has partnered with governments, businesses, and citizens worldwide to help raise awareness about the global refugee crisis. Tima was born in Damascus Syria and immigrated to Canada in 1992. In September 2015, a personal tragedy struck Tima's family - her brother, Abdullah, lost his wife, Rehanna, and their two boys, Alan and Ghalib Kurdi, while trying to cross from Turkey to Greece. She and her brother Abdullah co-founded the Kurdi Foundation to honour her nephews, and to keep their memory alive (as well as the memory of all the children affected by war), she and her brother have been working at a refugee camp in Erbil, Kurdistan to provide children with education, medication, clothes, and food.




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