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This research group has focused on foreign policy and security issues that are of a shared concern for Canada and the EU. Under its current liberal government, Canada is currently redefining cornerstones of its foreign policy. The traditional close partnership with the USA is challenged by the Trump presidency, a development that is likely to strengthen ties to and collaborations with Europe and the EU in key foreign policy domains. Of central interest for this group have been approaches to international security and terrorism, the political challenges in the Middle East including the ongoing civil war in Syria, the Western alliance’s response to Russia’s ambitions in Central and Eastern Europe and the governance of the Artic. • There have been two major hubs around which this research group has been formed and conducted its networking and outreach initiatives. First, several externally funded projects in foreign policy at Carleton University helped to attract the interest of the IR community working on EU and Europe related issues: The Jean Monnet Network on EU-Canada Relations: The EU and Canada in Dialogue at the Carleton University and the SSHRC-supported project “The Reconfiguration of Canada-Europe Relations after Brexit” (led by Profs. Joan DeBardeleben and Achim Hurrelmann respectively). This critical mass of research expertise in Ottawa was instrumental in engaging the broader scholarly community in foreign policy and security studies in debates and outreach activities. • Second, Prof. Oliver Schmidtke joined a team of international relations scholars on the West coast to provide a productive network in British Columbia involving the province’s three research universities (UBC, Uvic and SFU) . This collaboration resulted in various media outreach initiatives and one of the webinars organized as part of MSEUCA. The format of the webinar allowed this research group to bring together scholars from all three universities including some junior colleagues and doctoral students. The West coast network of this research group is currently exploring the opportunity to develop a joint research proposal that would provide an institutional framework for deepened and more targeted collaboration.

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Lukic, Renéo

Since 1995, Renéo Lukic is Professor of International History in the Department of History at the Laval University in Canada. From 1991 to 1995, he taught International Relations and History at the University of Virginia and Emory, in United States. ...

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