Democratic Deficit and Multi-Level Governance

For many observers liberal democracies are in a state of crisis facing the rise of populist, nationalist parties that articulate a widespread alienation from traditional institutions and actors in parliamentary democracies. This group addresses fundamental challenges that liberal democracies have to face and how democratic practices and processes can be reinvigorated. With the focus on transatlantic exchange, the group draws specific attention to Canada’s and the EU’s system of multi-level governance and this system poses particular challenges and opportunities for democratic governance.

The activities of this group are in the process of redesign.

Research Groups: Democratic Deficits and Policy Coordination in Multi-Level Systems

Karini, Artan

Dr. Artan Karini has been an associate with the Canada-Europe Transatlantic Dialogue (CETD) since 2014. His research interests broadly lie within the field of global governance and the role of aid institutions in promoting ‘best practice’ in developm ...

InstitutionCarleton University, EURUS


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