Democratic Deficit and Multi-Level Governance

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This group of expert addresses the fragile state of liberal democracies and possible avenues of addressing the democratic deficit in multiple governance arenas. For many observers liberal democracies are in a state of crisis facing the rise of populist, nationalist parties that articulate a widespread alienation from traditional institutions and actors in parliamentary democracies. The rise of right-wing populism worldwide and the increasing disenchantment with democracy on the part of citizens are making it necessary to reform and adapt democratic systems in order to meet citizens' needs. With the focus on transatlantic exchange, the group draws specific attention to Canada’s and the EU’s system of multi-level governance and this system poses particular challenges and opportunities for democratic governance. Multiple experts in the field have taken leadership in promoting the research network established through the MSEUCA project: • Prof. Jörg Broschek at the Wilfrid Laurier University is the Canada Research Chair in Comparative Federalism and Multilevel Governance. His research focuses on The comparison between the institutional architecture, evolution and performance of different systems of multilevel governance in Europe and North America . His SSHRC-funded project has provided a fruitful context for collaborative research from a comparative transatlantic perspective. • Prof. Achim Hurrelmann from Carleton University has been spearheading the SSHRC funded project “The eurozone crisis and the politicization of European integration” . His research has provided a fruitful context for experts from different disciplinary fields to explore forms of democratic governance and legitimacy beyond the nation-state. • Our research network established through the MSEUCA project was instrumental in applying for and launching the EU network grant entitled “European Memory Politics - Populism, Nationalism and the Challenges to a European Memory Culture” . Led by Prof. Oliver Schmidtke from the University of Victoria, this project looks into the implication of the rise of right-wing populism across Europe and the way it challenges liberal democracies to consider innovative approaches for re-engaging citizens in democratic practices at different levels of governance.

If you know of any other research groups that are working on issues of democratic deficit or /and multi-level governance in Canada connect with us.

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