The UVic lead project “Canada-Europe Dialogues on Democracy (CEDoD): Democratic deficit and the rise of populism in Europe” has been awarded a European Union, Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project grant 2018-2020.

This award facilitates the creation of a transatlantic research network focused on democracy and populism in Europe, designed to nurture fruitful dialogue between civic society actors, academics and policymakers in Canada and the EU. With a focus on knowledge dissemination initiatives and engagement strategies, and through the implementation of a virtual and face-to-face hub, the project engages Canada-EU experts and agents of change in a transatlantic dialogue.

Some of the actions and activities being developed through the project include a comprehensive expert database on democracy and populism; young scholar awards; workshops (one in Canada and one in Spain); a blog on democratic deficit and the rise of populism in Europe (hosted by our strategic partner EUCAnet); short interviews; video clips; media alerts on scholarly expertise; policy briefs; a university course and a special issue of a refereed journal

Our first workshop at the University of Victoria, on March 21st and 22nd of 2019 asks the following questions:

What are the major problems facing democracies?

What are the connections between these problems?

What are the democratic ways to resolve these problems and reconcile all affected by them?


Democracy its Futures organizing team:

Oliver Schmidtke, Professor of Political Science and History, Director of Centre for Global Studies; Pablo Ouziel, Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Political Science and Centre for Global Studies; Rebeccah Nelems, PhD student in Sociology and Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (CSPT), Centre for Global Studies Fellow and Trudeau scholar; James Tully, Emeritus professor of Political Science and Law; Ryan Beaton, PhD student in Law and Trudeau scholar; Keith Cherry, PhD student in Law and a SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Doctoral Scholar ; Karen Yen, Resident Graphic Designer and Associate of the Centre for Global Studies; Beate Schmidtke, Project Manager and Communications Officer for; Rebeca Macias Gimenez, PhD student in Law and Society, Centre for Global Studies Fellow.

CONTACT: Pablo Ouziel, CEDoD Project manager | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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