EVENT REPORT: The Challenge of cross-border migration

THE CHALLENGE OF CROSS-BORDER MIGRATION: balancing security concerns and humanitarian commitments The Jean Monnet Project “Europe Dialogue on Migration: Cross-Border Mobility and the European Union Refugee Crisis” (CEDoM) was pleased to co-organize a series of public events in conjunction with the Canadian Council for Refugees’ Consultation at...
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Policy Memo: Refugee Integration: A Local Approach on Global Migration Influx

New Policy Memo by Franziska Fischer, University of Victoria
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Policy Memo: Welcoming refugees into the community

Full POLICY MEMO Welcoming refugees into the community: Privately - sponsored refugees and the community partnership network model By Alex Norfolk Purpose This policy memo presents and evaluates a model for supporting private sponsorship groups in Victoria, British Columbia. The memo concludes that there is strong potential for replicating such a...
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German Chancellor Merkel ends her chancellorship in 2021

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announces that she will step down as a leader of her Christian-Democratic Party and not run as a candidate in 2021. This step is a reaction to some devastating losses that her party had to face in recent regional elections. Merkel's leadership has been greatly weakened by her response to the influx of refugees into...
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The Fallout of the Helsinki Summit: Undermining Transatlantic Relations?

Oliver Schmidtke , Director of the Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria By all accounts, the meeting between President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin was bizarre. While the American intelligence community unanimously came to the conclusion that Russia meddled in the 2016 Presidential election and indicted12 Russian...
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European Migration Crisis Escalates

Oliver Schmidtke, director of the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria, in an interview with CBC News Network. Hundreds of migrants on their way to Spain over the weekend, after Italy blocked the ship from its port. France’s president Macron criticized Italy, while Italian politicians called this statement hypocritical. How...
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New Government in Spain: What Change Can Be Expected?

David Moffette , University of Ottawa Introduction After 7 years in power, Mariano Rajoy is no longer Spain’s prime minister. On June 1 st , his minority People’s Party (PP) government lost a confidence vote, a first in the history of democratic Spain. His rival, the Socialist Pedro Sánchez, automatically became the new prime minister. The...
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Andrew Griffith: Canada, Europe and the changing nature of borders

Andrew Griffith is the former Director General at the Department of Citizenship and Immigration and the author of "Multiculturalism in Canada: Evidence and Anecdote". His work provides insight into how well multiculturalism works in Canada. In his interview series (three clips) with EUCAnet, Mr. Griffith touches on various themes regarding...
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Young scholar on the Canadian Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program

Alex Norfolk, University of Victoria, wrote his Masters on the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program in Victoria Bc. He analyzed the Community Partnership Network led by private initiatives and the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, BC. Based on his investigation Alex came up with recommendations for further improvements of this...
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Italy’s populist-nationalist coalition government: on collision course with the European Union

Dr. Oliver Schmidtke , Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria In one way the uncertainty in Italian politics is about to come to an end: More than two months after the elections, Italy's anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and the far-right League (Lega) have presented their government program and their choice for the...
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