Negotiating identities and histories

Negotiating identities and histories through monuments and memorial landscapes Blog contribution by Julianna Nielsen, undergraduate student in the departments of history and political science at the University of Victoria, Canada. Border walls and fences—as physical and discursive boundaries between ‘here’ and ‘there,’ ‘us’ and ‘them’—construct...
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Ukraine heading for membership in the EU and NATO

By Serhy Yekelchyk , Professor of Slavic Studies and History, University of Victoria, President of the Canadian Association for Ukrainian Studies New Blog contribution: Ukraine’s Constitution Now Spells out the Nation’s Intent to Join the EU and NATO On 7 February the Ukrainian parliament passed a bill on inserting into the country’s Constitution...
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Alternative Identities

By Robert Gould The title of this blog contribution is a reference to the name of the far-right party in Germany Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany: AfD) now represented in the parliaments of all sixteen individual states ( Bundesländer ) of Germany and in the Bundestag . In the elections in Andalusia on 2 December 2018, Vox...
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Video: Austerity and Social Inequality - Europe & Italy

The webinar ‘ Austerity and Social Inequality: The rise of the populist right and the European budget crisis ’ looks at a phenomenon that has shaped liberal democracies in a fundamental way over the course of the past years. In the introduction, Oliver Schmidtke describes that, what we see across Europe and North America, is the rising...
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Twitter for Academics

Dr Laurent Pech, Professor of European Law and Head of the Law and Politics Department at Middlesex University London, in an interview for the the round table "Expert knowledge in the age of declining trust in the media" in Toronto at the ECSA-C Biennial 2018. Dr Laurent Pech comments on the importance of using Twitter for academics. Twitter...
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