On May 9th/10th during the ECSA-C Biennial Toronto Unity, diversity, populism: The European Union in challenging times EUCAnet's Erasmus+ Jean Monnet project MSEUCA presents panels and workshops on 
- Doug Saunders, journalist and author, and columnist for The Globe and Mail (tbc)
- Roberta Guerrina, Professor of Politics and Jean Monnet Chair in Gender and EU Politics at the University of Surrey​, Co-Editor, JCMS Annual Review
- Oliver Schmidtke, Director Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria, Leader of the Jean Monnet Project Communication and Media Strategies for EU experts in Canada (MSEUCA)
- Dennis Pilon, Robart Centre, York Universty
- Beate Schmidtke, EUCAnet.org Development and Communication Officer
- Pablo Ouziel, Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Victoria, EUCAnet Academic Liaison Officer
- Kim Chorong, Documentary Producer and student at the University of Victoria
- Joan DeBardeleben, CETD leader at Carleton Universty
- Frederic Merand, CERIUM director at the University de Montreal
- Ruben Zaiotti, Director of the European Union Centre of Excellence, Dalhausie University
- Amy Verdun, University of Victoria, Jean Monnet Chair Ad Personam
- Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, Director of the Jean Monnet European Union Centre for Excellence
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