Dr. Patrick Leblond, University of Ottawa, works in the fields of global economic governance and international/comparative political economy. His regional expertise focuses on Europe and North America. In this interview, Dr. Leblond explains his fascination with studying the EU. In his view, the process of integrating 28 member states and organizing social, economic and political life across the continent has led and still leads to a stable and peaceful Europe. Furthermore, according to Dr. Leblond the EU is one of the major promoters of global governance mechanisms, a commitment that takes on particular meaning considering current political developments in the USA, China or Russia. Therefore, in Dr. Leblond’s interpretation, the EU is a very important partner for Canada in its commitment to multilateralism. In spite of recent crises that the EU has had to master, the EU has created effective mechanisms to come to an agreement among its member states on most policy issues. In addition, Dr. Leblond elaborates on various issues such as financial integration, migration, and trade policies and argues that the EU was/is able to solve its current complex problems. When it comes to the potential for mutual learning between Canada and Europe, Dr. Leblond describes in what areas scholars in Canada contribute to debates on best practices and policy approaches on both sides of the Atlantic.



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