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Canadian Displacement Dates: When will you become environmentally displaced? (2)

Young Voices: UVic Student, Isolde Murdoch – March 11, 2017 Compared to the majority of the world, those living in Canada enjoy a nation high in resources and a climate favourable to agricultural production. Due to the rapid increase of climate changes and environmental depletion, this will become even more apparent over the next couple of...
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CETD Policy Brief: “The EU’s “Energy Union”: A Challenge of Continued Expectation Management” by Severin Fischer

CETD is pleased to present a new policy brief: The EU’s “Energy Union ”: A Challenge of Continued Expectation Management by Severin Fischer , Center for Security Studies (CSS) at ETH Zurich. “The idea of an “Energy Union” has dominated the debate about the European Union’s energy and climate policy since the Juncker Commission took office in...
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Are Canadian and EU Environmental Policies Converging?

CETD CAPSTONE Report: Canada and Europe Face 21st Century Policy Challenges: Convergence or Divergence? Are Canadian and EU Environmental Policies Converging? By Inger Weibust Political scientists are interested in policy convergence for its own sake: do countries’ policies tend to become more similar over time? If so, why? For environmental...
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“Societal Transformation to Sustainability: Universities as Pacesetters?"

June 20th 2017 The University Alliance for Sustainability published its UAS Spring Campus 2017 Documentation of the events “Societal Transformation to Sustainability: Universities as Pacesetters?“ More than 150 researchers and practitioners from 32 universities, 11 institutes and 12 different countries came together to contribute to the...
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CETD Research Group: Environment and Sustainable Development

From 2008-2015 the Canada-Europe Transatlantic Dialogue (CETD) brought together scholars and partner organizations to promote research on relations between Canada and Europe (including the European Union), and on policy challenges of common concern to Europe and Canada. The project fostered Canada-wide and trans-Atlantic research networks, as...
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