CETD Research Group: Democratic Deficit and Policy Coordination in Multilevel Governance Systems, by the EUCAnet team

By the EUCAnet team

From 2008-2015 the Canada-Europe Transatlantic Dialogue (CETD) brought together scholars and partner organizations to promote research on relations between Canada and Europe (including the European Union), and on policy challenges of common concern to Europe and Canada. The project fostered Canada-wide and trans-Atlantic research networks, as well as the dissemination of research findings to the Canadian policy community and to the public at large through policy papers and briefs on current issues, downloadable podcasts, workshops, public symposia. Supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada under the Strategic Knowledge Cluster Program. CETD collaborated closely with EUCAnet.

CETD’s research group Democratic Deficit and Policy Coordination in Multilevel Governance Systems focused on increasingly important challenges relating to democratic governance in the EU, individual European countries and Canada. These included: fashioning effective methods of democratic participation to address issues such as declining voter turnout; assessing factors that may reduce the political legitimacy of government decision-making processes and of political institutions; improving the accountability and responsiveness of governments and leaders to the public; and improving coordination within and effectiveness of multi-level governance structures. By sharing and comparing research results and by increasing familiarity with innovative governance approaches applied in Canada and the EU, this thematic group aimed to elevate and enrich the level of public discourse about democracy, governance, and political participation, involving both policy circles and the public at large.

For more information on group activities, see the following Research Report below: “Comparing Modes of Governance in Canada and the European Union: Social Policy in Multilevel Systems”. The project was led by Dr Amy Verdun and Dr Donna E. Wood of the University of Victoria.