Academic Publications

“Europeanization as Pragmatic Politics: Italy’s Civil Society Actors in the Face of Right-Wing Populism”

April 16, 2024/by Beate Schmidtke

Corrosive Comparisons and the Memory Politics of “Saming”: Threat and Opportunity in the Age of Apology

March 28, 2024/by Beate Schmidtke

Migration as a building bloc of middle-class nation-building?

February 29, 2024/by Beate Schmidtke

Special Issue on Memory Politics and the Resurgence of Nationalism and Right-Wing Populism”

September 26, 2023/by Beate Schmidtke

Special issue of the journal Social & Legal Studies:  ‘Democratic Constitutionalism in the Age of Populism’

September 11, 2023/by Beate Schmidtke

Special Issue of the Journal of European Integration History

July 25, 2023/by Beate Schmidtke

Engaging Generation Z in Topics of Collective Memory & History: Thoughts from the 2023 European Memory Politics Conference

June 16, 2023/by Beate Schmidtke

The ‘Will of the People’: The Populist Challenge to Democracy in the Name of Popular Sovereignty

January 31, 2023/by Beate Schmidtke

Book: Democratic Multiplicity – Perceiving, Enacting, and Integrating Democratic Diversity

August 29, 2022/by Beate Schmidtke

The Legacy of Canada’s Residential School System – Addressing Past Injustices from a Canadian-German Perspective

July 22, 2022/by Beate Schmidtke

Poland’s Historical Turn – European Memory Politics – a short introduction

October 19, 2021/by Beate Schmidtke

‘We the People’: Demarcating the Demos in Populist Mobilization—The Case of the Italian Lega

September 24, 2021/by Beate Schmidtke

Rescaling citizenship Inclusion and exclusion of refugees in Europe’s multi-level governance structure

July 13, 2021/by Beate Schmidtke

The Structural injustice turn, the historical justice dilemma, and assigning responsibility with the TRC report

June 7, 2021/by Fazila Mat

“Naziism in Canada”?: The Internment of Japanese Canadians and the History of Comparison

June 2, 2021/by Laurence Claussen

Borderlands Biography: Z. Anthony Kruszewski in Wartime Europe and Postwar America

May 25, 2021/by Laurence Claussen