Canada-France-Hungary-Germany-Poland – Memory Politics team virtual meetings

The Jean Monnet Network European Memory Politics Populism, Nationalism, and the Challenges to a European Memory Culture meets regularly via zoom in spite of different time zones (Europe 17:00 or 19:00 – Canada 8am or 10:00 am) . It’s fascinating to see our team members in France, Hungary and Poland connecting with us early in the morning Pacific time and at the same time evening European time. Here is a screenshot from our July meeting. The team discusses regularly the approaches and the state of the publications, often the plans to finally meet  face-to-face for an event in October  2021 at the University of Victoria. It also adapts the original work plans  of the network to the current news regarding the COVID-19 regulations. Many of the project activities rely on international travel opportunities and these meetings, conferences, students summer and field schools need to be rescheduled or adapted to an online format. In spite of all the new COVID-19 regulations our EUMEPO team has been able to engage and work very closely over the past year.