The voices of scholars from the academic world are a vital and important part of our society. In particular when empirically-based and reflective knowledge is urgently needed in public and political discourse, our scholars feel the importance of reaching out to and engaging different communities. EUCAnet partners with scholars to present scientific knowledge in an accessible and credible way to the public. We encourage our experts to be aware of the challenges of communicating with audiences outside of academic and to work towards making this exchange meaningful and credible.

The What’s New section highlights the latest news on projects and scholarship from various contributors. In our sections on expert videos, we provide video interviews with selected scholars. Youth Voices are reserved for young scholars that take on the challenge to write about their research in an unconventional way. For these junior scholars it is the first step to getting engaged with the public in their early careers and an opportunity to share their knowledge. In our Featured Scholars section, we collect the expertise of senior scholars on critical topics of Canada-Europe issues and/or allow scholars to present their careers and research agendas to the widely public. These scholars are often engaged with the public, deliver regular media commentary, or interact with various key players (in politics, business or culture)


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