Poland’s Political Tribulations

By Tom Junes, Marie Curie Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence Poland was long seen as the poster child of the post-1989 transition in Central and Eastern Europe. Consequentially, for commentators, policy-makers, and scholars alike, it served as a model for European integration and the EU enlargement to the East. At present,...
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Project on media and communication strategies comes to an end

Canadian universities have outstanding scholarly expertise when it comes to the field of EU and European Studies. Still, there is a remarkable mismatch between the exceptional research knowledge in the academic community and the knowledge available to the broader Canadian public. In order to instigate new knowledge mobilization strategies, our...
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The Ukrainian Peace Initiative with Russia

Derek Fraser , Associated Fellow at the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria and a former Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine, shares his insights about why Ukraine is pushed to accept peace with Russia on terms that threaten Ukrainian independence. Read his blog contribution. Pic credit: "brothers" by eldan, licensed under CC...
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Regional elections in Eastern Germany: The irresistible rise of the right-wing, populist Alternative for Germany?

By Oliver Schmidtke, director of the Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria See also the CTV interview on the success of the right-wing Alternative for Germany in regional elections The vote in the German state of Thuringia (a region formerly part of the Communist German Democratic Republic) was foremost a blow to the Germany’s...
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Populisms, secession, status quo and Franco’s ghost

On Spain’s November 10th General Election, by Pablo Ouziel , Department of Political Science and Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria Listen to the interview with Pablo Ouziel and Chris Cook from Gorilla Radio. As Spain’s citizenry prepares to head to the polls on November 10 th – for the second general election celebrated in...
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Meetings of minds working on EU-Canada projects/collaborations

The European Union SPA and CETA Implementation Coordination Platform has its kick-off meeting at the European Delegation in Ottawa ( 22 October 2019). Ambassador Peteris Ustubs from the EU Delegation in Ottawa welcomed the stakeholders from academic, the policy community and civil society. The meeting was dedicated to networking opportunities...
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‘Democracy’ – 15M-inspired responses to issues raised during IWM Summer School, Austria

New blog post by Pablo Ouziel, Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria "... Instead of ‘demoarchy’, the Greeks chose the term ‘democracy’ to signal the fact that what they envisioned was not a form of rule (arche). Protagoras, Pericles, and Meletus described it as a non-elite telic mode of governance in which all citizens were...
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Surveillance and Democracy - by Pablo Ouziel

"...There are many ways to obfuscate or evade surveillance systems, but one of the biggest problems we face has to do with our social imaginary. Despite the numerous warnings we receive about the dangers of surveillance, until we can imagine our societies working in a different manner, surveillance seems to be here to stay. It will continue to...
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Democracy and its Futures - Report

Rich debates on the crises of democracies are in the center of our project activities financed with the support of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet programme of the European Union. Year one of our Jean Monnet project CEDoD - Canada Europe Dialogue on Democracy - allowed the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria to house an event series...
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Migration Project Activities 2016-2019

We are celebrating the submission of the Canada Europe Dialogue on Migration report to the European Union – It has been an amazing time to collaborate with so many scholars and projects over the period of three years. The first of our events was organized in cooperation with the BIG project in Ottawa in December 2017 and our May event this year...
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