With the ratification of CETA and shifts in the wider geopolitical landscape, the relationship between the European Union and Canada will deepen economically, culturally, and politically. While Canadians often report to feel a great affinity to European political culture and public policies, it is striking how limited the knowledge of the Canadian public and policy community is regarding the EU and European affairs more widely. Canadian universities have outstanding scholarly expertise when it comes to the field of EU and European Studies. Still, there is a remarkable mismatch between the exceptional research knowledge in the academic community and the knowledge available to the broader Canadian public. Against this background, our projects instigate various ways of knowledge mobilization. Our aim is it to develop effective networking, communication and media strategies. Having promoted the public/ media outreach of experts at Canadian universities through the Europe Canada Network EUCAnet over the past ten years, we have identified key challenges and opportunities in mobilizing this knowledge in an effective manner.

Canada-Europe Dialogue on Migration

Canada-Europe Dialogue on Democracy

Media Strategies for European Studies Scholars in Canada

Outreach for European Community Studies Association in Canada

European Memory Politics 


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