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ECSA-Cn Project Report (2017-2020)

The European Community Studies Association Canada developed a range of activities aiming at enhancing the outreach and networking capacity for the European Studies community. The ECSA-Cn Jean Monnet project “Building capacity for Canada’s European Studies community: the European Community Studies Association Canada (ECSA-C) as a research and...
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Policy Memo: COVID-19, international travel restrictions and the future of Schengen visa policy

Juliette Dupont , PhD Candidate, Centre for International Studies, Université de Montréal (CÉRIUM) Executive Summary European integration led to the suppression of internal border controls and the adoption of common external borders. Designed as a compensatory measure to free movement, the common short-stay visa policy, also known as Schengen...
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Policy Memo: BC's Carbon Tax Impact and Comparing Policy Effectiveness with the EU Emissions Trading System’

By Simon Dessureault , PhD Student, Public Policy at Carleton University British Columbia’s Carbon Tax Impact on Industrial Sector Emissions: Comparing Policy Effectiveness with the EU Emissions Trading System’ To mitigate climate change effects, British Columbia (BC) implemented a carbon tax in July 2008. However, British Columbia’s (BC)...
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Policy Memo: Pipelines, Protest and Pluralism

By Keith Cherry , PhD fellow at the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria, in collaboration with Oliver Schmidtke, director Centre for Global Studies (CFGS), University of Victoria, lead of the ECSA-C Research Group - Democracy. A recent controversy about plans to build a pipeline through unceded Indigenous territory catalyzed...
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Policy Memo: Frugal Four and the Fiscal Policy Regime of the EU

Kurt Hübner and Henrik Jacobsen, University of British Columbia Frugal Four and the Fiscal Policy Regime of the EU. From austerity to mutual spending? Executive Summary Twelve years after the global financial crisis and ten years after the start of the eurozone crisis, governments around the world again are in crisis-fighting mode. Covid-19 led...
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