ECSA-C Biennial - call for papers is out!

The new call for papers for the 13 th Biennial Conference of the European Community Studies Association-Canada (ECSA-C) is out. The theme of the ECSA-C Biennial this year will be : Shifting fault lines? Power, policies and alliances in the European Union. The conference takes place in September, from the 24th to the 26th of September at the...
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The triumph of populism: Boris Johnson’s landslide electoral victory

Media Alert by Oliver Schmidtke , former ECSA-C president The explanation of the UK election’s results could be straightforward: The Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn proved to be a widely unpopular leader, the party ran an unfocussed and strategically misguided electoral campaign, and some of its key policy initiatives, while popular...
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The Catalan crisis: court actions and the lack of flexibility

By Antoine Rayroux , University of Montreal Two years after the Catalan self-determination referendum of October 1st, 2017, how can we make sense of the current deadlock? Why is it difficult to foresee a way out of the crisis? The situation is foremost a result of Madrid's unyielding judiciary response to the self-determination movement -...
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Youth Voices/issues of migration: What does 'safety' mean?

Franziska Fischer is a Phd candidate at the Department of Political Science at the University of Victoria. Read her full blog contribution. "We have come full circle, from the boy on the beach (Alan Kurdi, drowning on September 2nd, 2015, trying to cross the 4 km between Turkish and European soil by boat), to Óscar Ramírez and his daughter...
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Matteo Salvini and Italy’s government instability (again!)?

By Julian Campisi , University of Toronto Italians have come accustomed to expressing their dissatisfaction in political leaders and the system at large. Economic growth has been stagnant for two decades, unemployment, especially among youth, is stubbornly high, infrastructure is crumbling, bureaucracy is stifling, and government debt is growing....
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