The EU in 2020: From Politics to Geopolitics and Back, by Frédéric Mérand

By Frédéric Mérand, Université de Montréal

The EU is facing some of the most severe challenges since its inception: a staggering economic recession, a collapsing Schengen regime, Brexit, and rising US-China tensions. Yet, COVID-19 pandemic has also strengthened the EU’s resolve to promote international multilateralism and a bold Green Deal for Europe. Similarly, the results of the global pandemic have emboldened those political forces in Europe that push for a fiscal union and cross-border solidarity among the EU member states. Frédéric Mérand argues that COVID could be a game-changer for the project of European integration.

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About the author: Frédéric Merand is director of CÉRIUM, the Montréal Centre for International Studies, and Professor of Political Science at the University of Montréal. He received his Ph.D. in 2003 from the University of California, Berkeley. He was a policy advisor in the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and a Research Fellow at the San Diego-based Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation. Mérand has published on the European Security and Defence Policy, EU-NATO relations, transatlantic relations, Canadian foreign policy, and the sociology of international relations.