Wolinetz, Steven B. Cluster Member

Fields of expertise
  • Comparative politics
  • Political parties
  • Western Europe
  • European Union
Projects relevant to the cluster
• Dr. Wolinetz is working on a book, Political Parties and Party Systems in the New Millennium. This examines political parties and party systems in Europe and North America, what they do, and how we study them. • Social partnership in Ireland and the Netherlands; coping with economic change (This is an ongoing interest in the Netherlands, now broadened to include Ireland).
Publications related to European/EU Studies
  • “Beyond the Catch-all Party: Approaches to the Study of Parties and Party Organization in Contemporary Democracies,” in Juan Linz, Jose Ramon Montero, and Richard Gunther, eds., The Future of Political Parties. (Oxford University Press , 2002) pp. 136-65. Refereed
  • “Political parties and the Canadian Federation’s Coalition Politics” (with R. Kenneth Carty) in J. Peter Meekison, Hamish Telford and Harvey Lazar, eds. Canada: The State of the Federation 2002. Reconsidering the Institutions of Canadian Federalism. Queen’s University Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, 2004, pp. 57-76.
  • “Party Systems and Party System Types” in Richard Katz and William Crotty, eds., Handbook on Political Parties, (London: Sage, 2006), pp. 51-62. Articles in scholarly refereed journals:
  • “Coping with Cornucopia: The Parties Literature in 2006," Review article prepared for the 2007 review number of the International Political Science Review (invited, under review)
  • “Cycles and Brokerage: Canadian Parties as Mobilizers of Interest,” Alain Gagnon and Brian Tanguay, eds, Canadian Parties in Transition, 3rd edition (Toronto: Broadview Press, forthcoming, 2007.
Outreach Experience
Occasional commentaries on CBC Radio and Television, Op-ed pieces in The Telegram (St. John’s)
Open to media contact
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Department of Political Science, Science Building, Room 2028, St. John's, Newfoundland, A1B 3X9
Office Phone Number
(709) 737-7413
Department Phone Number
(709) 737 8179
Other important publications
  • Trimming Sails: The Dutch and the EU Constitution after the Referendum,@ in Finn Laursen, ed., The Rise and Fall of the Constitutional Treaty, Leiden, Martinus Nifhoff, 2008.
  • “Modell Nederland: Social Partnership and Competitive Corporatism in the Netherlands,” in Nancy Bermeo, ed., Unemployment in the New Europe, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001), pp. 245-70
  • “Disconnected Competition in Canada (with R. Kenneth Carty), in Daniel Hough and Charlie Jeffery, eds. Devolution and Electoral Politics: A Comparative Exploration. Manchester University Press (forthcoming, 2004)
  • “Canada: Executive Dominance and Presidentialization” (with Herman Bakvis), in Thomas Poguntke and Paul Webb, eds., The Presidentialization of Politics: A Study in Comparative Politics (Oxford: Oxford University Press), pp. 199-220
  • "The Transformation of Western European Party Systems Revisited" West European Politics, (vol. 2, no. 1), January, 1979, pp. 4-28.
Education and professional achievements
  • Ph.D., with distinction in Political Science, Yale University, 1973
  • Assistant Professor, Memorial University (1971-1977)
  • Associate Professor, Memorial University (1977-1988)
  • Head, Department of Political Science, Memorial University (1978-1981)
  • Visiting Scholar, Harvard University Center for European Studies (1981-1982) Professor, Memorial University (since 1988)
  • Jean Monnet Fellow, European University Institute, Fiesole, Italy (1992-1993)
  • Coordinator, European Studies Minor Programme (2002-2005)
  • Head, Department of Political Science, Memorial University (2003-2005)
  • Interim Dean; Memorial University Faculty of Arts, 2005-2006
Courses taught
  • Political Parties (third year)
  • The European Union (third year)
  • European Politics (third year)
  • Preconditions of Democracy (fourth year)
  • The Politics of Contemporary Welfare State (fourth year)
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics(2nd year)
  • Europe in the 20th century (2nd year)
Fluent spoken languages
English, Dutch
Fluent written languages
English, Dutch

Steven Wolinetz is co-founder of the European Community Studies Association Canada (ECSAC) in 1995 and has chaired this organization ever since. His research interests relate to: Comparative and West European Politics; political parties; the politics of social partnership; smaller democracies; Netherlands, Ireland; and the European Union. Dr. Wolinetz is currently working on a book, Political Parties and Party Systems in the New Millennium. This text examines political parties and party systems in Europe and North America, what they do, and how we study them. Another of his current projects involves social partnership in Ireland and the Netherlands and coping with economic change. Media Experience: Dr. Wolinetz provides occasional commentaries on CBC Radio and Television, as well as op-ed pieces in The Telegram (in St. John's).



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