Academic Publications

Attitude Changes towards Immigrants in the Turbulent Years of the ‘Migrant Crisis’ and Anti-Immigrant Campaign in Hungary

May 3, 2019/by Fazila Mat

Regional Identity, Separatism, and War in Eastern Europe: Donbass and Pridnestrovie

April 26, 2019/by Fazila Mat

Impermanent Apologies: on the Dynamics of Timing and Public Knowledge in Political Apology

September 3, 2018/by Laurence Claussen

Kresy in Polish Memory. Between Lost Arcadia and the Bloodlands of East-Central Europe

June 28, 2018/by Laurence Claussen

Impermanent Apologies: On the Dynamics of Timing and Public Knowledge in Political Apology

January 20, 2018/by Fazila Mat

Witness to Loss: Race, Culpability, and Memory in the Dispossession of Japanese Canadians

September 2, 2017/by Laurence Claussen

A Place in the Sun: Colonial Entanglements in Lukas Bärfuss’s Hundert Tage and Daniel Goetsch’s Herz Aus Sand

July 25, 2017/by Laurence Claussen

The Everyday Life of Children in Polish-German Borderland during the Early Postwar Period

July 8, 2017/by Laurence Claussen

Future of Holocaust memorialization: confronting racism, antisemitism, and homophobia through memory work

October 10, 2015/by Laurence Claussen

The Oder-Neisse Line as a place of remembrance for Germans and Poles

May 25, 2014/by Laurence Claussen

Degrees of Freedom in Canada’s Culture of Redress

April 23, 2014/by Fazila Mat

A Carnival of Truth? Knowledge, Ignorance and the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission

August 3, 2012/by Laurence Claussen

Uncomfortable Comparisons: The Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission in International Context

August 3, 2010/by Laurence Claussen