Victoria Forum: BRIDGING DIVIDES: Turf, Truth and Trust

UVic’s  Gustavson School of Business and the Senate of Canada have teamed up to organize the 2022 Victoria Forum. The main focus of the three-day event is to address how the widening social, economic and political  divides  can be addressed. The challenges are enormous: the fall out of the COVID pandemic, the worsening impact of climate change, the rise of nationalists populism across Western democracies, and the insecurities brought about by  Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

EUCAnet’s co-lead, Dr. Oliver Schmidtke,  was part of the second day’s plenary on “Bridging Social Divides: Social Exclusion In The COVID Era: Challenges, Experiences, Pathways To Change (Plenary)“. The video of the event will be made public soon.