Prof. Ben Muller: European Union and Migration Crisis: Lessons for Canada?

Ben Muller, King’s University Collage, Western University
Expert on: Borders and Borderlands/ Critical Security Studies/ International Political Sociology/ Surveillance Studies

Professor Ben Muller, Western University, in an interview about the European Union and the migration crisis. The biggest challenge Professor Muller depicts is the vulnerability of states that are on the periphery of the EU and the Neigbourhood Policy of the European Union. In addition, from a comparative he looks at what Canada could learn from the European Union and its approaches to governing borders and migration.

Check out Professor Ben Muller in the following video interview about the European Union and the migration crisis


Short bio
Dr. Benjamin Muller is Associate Professor with the Departments of Political Science at King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario. His research and publications reflect his interdisciplinary background in international relations theory and contemporary social and political thought, covering issues from contemporary aviation security and trusted traveler programs, to the increasing reliance on biometric technology and risk management in contemporary border security, to a critical security studies analysis of Hizballah. In general, Dr. Muller is interested in the intersection of borders, borderlands, security and identity, as well as topics concerning biometric technology, surveillance studies, politics of risk, critical security studies, and international political sociology. He is currently working on a project called “Ferocious Architecture” on the linkages between the application of surveillance and identification technologies and related trusted traveler programs in border security and the architecture and infrastructure at borders.

Dr. Muller (together with Dr. Can Mutlu, Acadia University) held a SSHRC grant on “Designing Border Security” ($65K, 2018-2020). Related to this project, Dr. Muller and Mutlu edited, Architectures of Security: Design, Control, Space (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019). Dr. Muller is also collaborator on a SSHRC Network Grant “Borders in Globalization,” and under the direction of Dr. Samer Abboud, Villanova University, is working on a project related to International Intervention and local insecurity, funded by the Arab Council on Social Sciences.