Brexit, borders and the visions for Europe

Webinar and online discussion from Jan 16, 2018 – Cross-border mobility is one of the elemental four freedoms on which the project of European integration rests. What does Brexit mean for the project of the single market and cross-border mobility? Why is the Irish border of such importance? What are the real costs of Brexit?

Hosted since 2005 at the University of Victoria, the project focuses on stimulating exchange on EU-Canada topics. With the support of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet project of the European Union “Communication and Media Strategies for EU experts in Canada” and the Centre for Global Studies, the webinar series brought together experts in Canada with various stake holders (students, practitioners, media representatives) to engage with ideas on critical issues of politics and policy making in Canada and Europe.


Dr. Oliver Schmidtke (University of Victoria, Professor at the department of Political Science and History, director of the Centre for Global Studies) moderates the discussion and the presentations by two speakers:

Dr. Katy Hayward (Reader in Sociology at Queen’s University Belfast) and Dr. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly (Professor in Public Administration and Jean Monnet Chair in Innovative Governance at the University of Victoria).