Our Experts

Paterson, Matthew

Matthew Paterson’s research looks into the relationship between the global economy and global environmental change. He has focused on climate change politics for 20 years, in particular looking at the international climate negotiations, the role of insurance companies in climate politics, and most recently at carbon markets as a means of responding to climate change. In the context of the Strategic cluster, Dr. Paterson is particularly interested in the lessons that Canada can learn from the European experience of carbon […]

University of Ottawa


Kuus, Merje

Merje Kuus’ research focuses on political geography and geopolitics-particularly on policy-making processes in complex bureaucratic structures. In broad terms, it investigates how political practices are underpinned by spatially defined categories like center and margin, inside and outside, self and other. These categories are central to the processes by which complex political issues come to be defined and managed in a particular manner. Within that problematic, Dr. Kuus’ interests converge on the question of how specifically spatial categories function in daily […]

University of British Columbia


Walters, William

William Walters is a Professor of Politics in the Departments of Political Science and Sociology & Anthropology as well as an FPA Research Excellence Chair (2019-22) at Carleton University. His work examines the technopolitics of governing borders and human mobility and focuses on the emergence of new forms of identification and authentication such as the e-passport. He has a previous book project that explores the recent uptake of Foucauldian political sociology within international relations. Other previous research includes a contribution […]

Carleton University


Wolinetz, Steven B.

Steven Wolinetz is co-founder of the European Community Studies Association Canada (ECSAC) in 1995 and has chaired this organization ever since. His research interests relate to: Comparative and West European Politics; political parties; the politics of social partnership; smaller democracies; Netherlands, Ireland; and the European Union. Dr. Wolinetz is currently working on a book, Political Parties and Party Systems in the New Millennium. This text examines political parties and party systems in Europe and North America, what they do, and […]

Memorial University of Newfoundland


Ugland, Trygve

Professor Trygve Ugland is educated at University of Oslo and Queen’s University of Belfast (Ph.D. in Political Science from University of Oslo). His research and teaching interests lie in the fields of Comparative Politics and Comparative Public Policy, with a focus on European and Scandinavian politics and transatlantic relations. His most recent books include Jean Monnet and Canada: Early Travels and the Idea of European Unity (2011, University of Toronto Press) and Policy Learning from Canada: Reforming Scandinavian Immigration and […]

Bishop’s University


Kranakis, Eda

Eda Kranakis’ areas of research include: History of Technology, History of European Integration, Export Processing Zones and Intellectual Property. Her current research projects explore aspects of the role of technology in European integration and globalization, focusing on the history of aviation and European airspace as well as on the history of the globalization of production, and the history of patent systems in relation to globalization.   Research Interests: History of Technology, History of European Integration, Export Processing Zones, Intellectual Property.

University of Ottawa


Pammett, Jon

Jon Pammett has worked on voting behaviour in Canada, Russia, and various European countries. His primary interest is the declining voter turnout with a specific focus on the linkages between voter turnout and other forms of participation. Dr. Pammett is also particularly interested in research on young people and voting. His current project involves voting in countries with multiple, frequent, elections. Research Interests: Nature of democratic participation, Voter turnout, Voting behaviour, Elections, and Youth and politics

Carleton University


Gould, Robert

Robert Gould is an expert on examination of contemporary discourses of immigration and identity in a range of European countries – such as Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Spain, United Kingdom, France and Switzerland. He also undertakes investigation of the statements in speeches and official documents from Brussels on the same topics. Dr. Gould has also worked on the media and political discourses concerning minorities in Latvia.   Research Interests: Immigration and identity discourses in a range of European countries – Austria, […]

Carleton University


Jenson, Jane

Jane Jenson holds the Canada Research Chair in Citizenship and Governance at the Université de Montréal, where she is professor of Political Science. She is a member of the Successful Societies Programme of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR). She was the founding Director of the Université de Montréal/McGill University Institute of European Studies (2001-05). Her current research interests cover a wide spectrum, including social policy, social movements, citizenship, diversity, gender studies and knowledge transfer. She is frequently invited […]

Université de Montréal


Dutkiewicz, Piotr

Piotr Dutkiewicz is Professor of Political Science and the Director of the Center for Governance and Public Policy at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He is also a Permanent Fellow of the Centre for Civilizational Studies in the Russian Academy of Science. He is Editor-in-chief of a 19-volume series on Local and Regional Development in Poland (1986-1989) and editor (or co-editor) of 12 other books, the most recent of which are: Piotr Dutkiewicz, Richard Sakwa, Fyodor Lukyanov, (eds.) Eurasia on […]

Carleton University


Petit, Isabelle

Isabelle Petit is the former Executive Director of the McGill University- Université de Montréal European Union Centre of Excellence. She is also the Research Director of The Federal Idea, a Quebec think-tank on federalism. Her research interests include: European integration, Comparative politics, International relations, and public law (constitutional, international and administrative). Currently, she is engaged in research projects which focus on the following topics: the creation of a Euro-identity, the development of a European dimension in EU member states’ education […]

Université de Montréal-McGill University


LeDuc, Lawrence

Lawrence LeDuc’s recent research focuses on: the declining voter turnout for elections in western democracies, the political participation of youth, reform of electoral institutions and processes, direct democracy , and the role of elections and referendums in processes of democratization and political change. Media Experience: Dr. Leduc is a frequent TV political commentator on CTV newsworld, and also  has a wealth of outreach experience in Radio and Print media formats. Research Interest: Canadian and comparative political behavior, Research methods and design

University of Toronto


Hartung-MacRae, Heather

Heather Hartung-MacRae’s is the president of the European Community Studies Association Canada (ECSA-C) 2018-2020. Her research interests include Europeanization, the politics of the EU, gender regimes and German politics. Dr. MacRae has completed research on the interaction of various policy and institutional levels in re-shaping the German gender regime. Currently  her research is investigating the gendered implications of transportation policies in the European Union. Media Experience: Dr. Hartung-MacRae accepts inquiries from media working in TV, Radio and Print formats. Research Interests: Comparative […]

York University

Network on Democracy

This group of scholars reflects the collaboration of the “Canada Europe Dialogue on Democracy” project and the “Populism and its Effects on Liberal Democracy: Minority Rights and Freedom of Speech” project. We connect scholars with wider public audiences through public events, webinars, video interviews, media outreach, blogs, mentorship of policy memos, and an open access database

Migration Experts

The project Canada Europe Dialogue on Migration: Cross-Border Mobility and the European Union Refugee Crisis – CEDoM” brought together a multi-disciplinary expert group in the field of the governance of borders and migration. It promoted exchange between Canada and the EU in scholarly and broader public debates with the aim to expand the knowledge of European integration through the lens of migration and border studies in Canada.

Memory Politics Group

This Network reflects the collaboration between the Jean Monnet Network “European Memory Politics:  Populism, Nationalism and the Challenges to a European Memory Culture 2019-2023” . The Network is a partnership between the Center for Global Studies (CFGS) at the University of Victoria and the Institute for Political Studies (IEP) at the University of Strasbourg  (France), the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań  (Poland) and the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Faculty of Social Sciences in Budapest (Hungary).