Featured Experts: Dr. Christian Leuprecht, Royal Military College

Professor Christian Leuprecht is a regular contributor to national and international media.

Fields of expertise: Demography, Civil-military relations, Political sociology, Germany, Federalism.

Contact info: christian.leuprecht@rmc.ca

EUCAnet invited Christian Leuprecht to share some tips and advice about his outreach expertise:

“Tips for TV/Radio interviews:

1. In the words of legendary former CTV news anchor: talking about big-league issues in a kitchen-table kind of way.

2. Smile while talking: it gives your voice a warmer, friendlier tone.

3. Be respectful of a smart and interested audience, but never make assumptions about prior knowledge; kind of like teaching a first-year course.”

Why engaging with media?

“Scholars should raise the level of informed discussion on complex and often controversial policy issues.  We owe it to the taxpayer to explain why what scholars do is relevant.  I see it as a form of accountability: we can hardly expect the taxpayer to underwrite  our salaries and research if we do not have anything to show for that intuitive sense to the general public.  We owe it to the public  to articulate our expertise in ways that matters to them and is readily comprehensible by an intelligent  non-expert audience.”

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