Featured Experts: Dr. Edwin Hodge, University of Victoria

Dr. Edwin Hodge is an emerging scholar and a regular contributor to national media.

Fields of expertise: Right wing extremism, Social movements, White supremacy & the Alt Right, Incel & “red pill” movements, Masculinities.

Contact info: edhodge@uvic.ca

EUCAnet invited Edwin Hodge to share some tips and advice about his outreach expertise:

“Interviews, guest spots, and call-in segments are by their nature unpredictable. It’s important to be mindful that the ideas or issues you might want to discuss may not be where the conversation goes. Be prepared for the interviewer to ask questions that you might not have discussed before hand, or for them to ask questions that differ somewhat from what you may have previously discussed. Interviews can sometimes be a challenge for scholars who are used to more controlled environments, but with a little preparation, can always be wonderful experiences.”

“More people will listen to a podcast or radio interview, or watch an interview on TV or online than will ever read any of our articles or monographs. If we feel that our research has the potential to inform or help people, then reaching out through the media is the most efficient way to do this. As academics, I believe we should share the fruits of our research with the public in a format they are comfortable with – especially now, when misinformation and “edutainment” threaten to drown out academic expertise.”

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