Featured Experts: Dr. Pablo Ouziel, University of Victoria

Dr. Pablo Ouziel is a contributor to national and international media.

Fields of expertise: Crises of democracy, Civic democracy, Spain, Catalonia, and Public philosophy.

Contact info: pouziel@uvic.ca

EUCAnet invited Pablo Ouziel to share some tips and advice about his outreach expertise:

“The key to a valuable media interview is to now shy away from speaking the uncomfortable truths that are often ignored by traditional media. In order to do this, one has to practice speaking about these issues in a language that is easy to understand and which at the same time does not avoid digging deep into descriptions that can help audiences acquire a broader understanding of the issues being discussed.”

Why engaging with media?

“Engaging with the media as an academic is important at a time when mainstream journalism is heavily dependent on corporate funding. Perhaps today the academic plays the role of the investigative journalist of the 1970s.”

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