Featured Experts: Dr. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, University of Victoria

Professor Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly is a regular contributor to national and international media.

Fields of expertise: Comparative Urban Governance; Governance of Cross-border Regions; Comparative Decentralization; Horizontal and Vertical Governance; Theorization of Cross-border Regions

Contact info: ebrunetj@uvic.ca

Phone number: (250) 721-6418

EUCAnet invited Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly to share some tips and advice about his outreach expertise:

“Don’t say ‘no’ when journalist or radio producers contact you even though it might be a bit outside of your area of comfort (like presenting in a classroom or writing an academic journal article). Assess how much you know about the specific issue and consider how much time it takes to prepare a 5 to 10 minutes appearance on a television or radio channel.”

Why engaging with media?

“Because it is part of the job – because it forces you to focus on the most important /relevant issue at stake. Engaging with the media is rarely about self-promotion. It is more about reminding viewers and listeners that academics and researchers study issues in depth. It is also to remind people that issues are not just about opinions, but that researched and rational views also contribute a lot to debates, and contribute to informed points of views.”

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