Featured Experts: Dr. Frédéric Mérand, University of Montreal

Professor Frédéric Mérand is a regular contributor to national and international media.

Fields of expertise: European Union, EU-Canada, International Relations and Foreign Policy, and CETA

Contact info: frederic.merand@umontreal.ca

Phone number: (514) 343 7176

EUCAnet invited Frédéric Mérand to share some tips and advice about his outreach expertise:

“Be available. Journalists need a quick turnaround. That’s their reality. Be honest. You don’t need to have an answer to everything. If you know a colleague who knows more about the issue, direct the journalist to him or her. That’s our reality. Do not overestimate how much the educated citizen knows about the issue. Use simple words and short sentences. Explain what you mean. You’re not talking to your colleagues and you won’t look stupid.”

 Why engaging with media?

 “Because it’s our responsibility as academics to educate the public who pays our salaries. Because if you don’t do it, somebody else who knows less about the issue will. Because someone listening to your radio interview may decide to study political science or encourage their kids to do so.”

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