Featured Experts: Dr. Kurt Huebner, University of British Columbia

Prof. Kurt Huebner is a regular contributor to national and international media.

Fields of expertise:  International Political Economy, European Integration, Euro, Currency Regimes, Comparative Political Economy, Climate Policies, Sustainability and Innovation Regimes, CETA.

Contact info: Kurt.huebner@ubc.ca

EUCAnet invited Kurt Huebner to share some tips and advice about his outreach expertise:

“Media are generally catchword-hungry and looking for the right phrase. So, preparing a good opener can be helpful for conveying a more complex message during the interaction. It needs quite some discipline and constraint to be parsimonious but it is worth it in order to have an impact. “

“Our life is getting more and more complex and it is part of the job of academics to be a public intellectual whose expertise can help to translate scientific insights into everyday language. Moreover, the deconstruction of complexity is something we dfo in the classroom and should be art of our culture outside the classroom.”

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