BUDAPEST Conference “Memory Politics in Europe – Towards a Deepening East-West Divide?”

On June 14-16, 2023 the Jean Monnet Network European Memory Politics will host the conference “Memory Politics in Europe: Towards a Deepening East-West Divide?”. The event will bring together scholars from Europe and North America exploring the ways in which collective memory shapes current events and political loyalties on the European continent in a comparative perspective. This conference is organized by the Eötvos Loránd University, Budapest.

Panels will look into how collective memory is enacted in educational-and social practices and how historical narratives are mobilized in contemporary political conflicts (preliminary program)

The conference will feature a Konrad Adenauer Foundation Canada Panel on a Deepening East-West Divide in Europe related to divergent forms of memory and national identity. Related to a study tour in memory politics organized by the University of Victoria, the Budapest event will also showcase a Youth Panel with the Zachor Foundation for Social Remembrance, co-financed by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Canada.