Our Experts

Paillé, Sabrina

Sabrina Paillé is a PhD student in sociology at York University, where she is also pursuing a Graduate Diploma Program in German and European Studies. She is a Visiting Student in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary in fall 2018. She holds a MA in sociology from Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal. Sabrina Paillé’s MA thesis focused on the way in which the relationship between Nazism and Modernity has been theorized in […]

York University


Özçürümez, Saime

Dr. Saime Özçürümez is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Bilkent University. She conducts research and publishes on migration policy and politics in the European Union, Turkey, and Canada, health and immigration, gender and immigration, irregular immigration, integration and citizenship, media representation of migrants, comparative politics of deliberative democracy, and Europeanization research agenda. She has articles published in Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, Turkish Studies, Comparative European Politics, Journal of Common Market Studies, Uluslararasi Iliskiler-International Relations, Women’s Studies International […]

Bilkent University


Mutlu, Can

Dr. Can E. Mutlu is an Associate Professor of Global Politics at Acadia University. His published research deals with borders and mobility, critical approaches to security, exceptionalism, race and ethnicity. He has carried out extensive research on issues such as the Europeanization of migration and asylum policy in Turkey, migrations from Syria to Turkey, the governance of refugee crises, and the externalization of border controls. Research Interests: Borders and mobility, Critical approaches to security studies, International political sociology, Exceptionalism, Race, and […]

Acadia University


Hamila, Ahmed

Ahmed Hamila is Winer-Anspach Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Cambridge. Currently he is also the  FNRS-F.R.S. research fellow at the Institute of Sociology, Université Libre de Bruxelles and the President of the Young Researchers Network of the European Community Studies Association – Canada. Ahmed was awarded the Robert Bourassa Foundation Excellence Award for the most promising doctoral thesis project in European Studies. The title of his PHD is: European Asylum Policy Related to Sexual Orientation: A Common System, Several Implementation Models. Ahmed’s research […]

University of Cambridge


Geiger, Martin

Martin Geiger is Associate Professor at Carleton University and is cross-appointed with the Department of Political Science and the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies . Martin is leading a project “Smart New Border World – Information Technologies and Security Industries in the Management of Human Cross-Border Mobility in North America”. He recently received a SSHRC Insight Development Grant to continue his work on international organizations in migration management. Martin is a collaborator in a EU-funded, multi-year “Horizon 2020” […]

Carleton University


Zhyznomirska, Lyubov

Lyubov Zhyznomirska an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at St. Mary’s University. She completed her PhD at the University of Alberta in 2012. In 2012-13, she was a Jean Monnet Fellow at Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, in Florence, Italy. Dr. Zhyznomirska joined Saint Mary’s University in 2013. Lyubov Zhyznomirska is interested in the European Union’s foreign relations in general and migration relations in particular with its eastern neighbours – specifically, with Russia […]

Saint Mary's University


Zaiotti, Ruben

Ruben Zaiotti is the director of the Jean Monnet European Union Centre of Excellence, a Jean Monnet Chair in Public Diplomacy and Associate professor in the Political Science department at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia). His main areas of interest are European Union politics, border control and immigration policy, social media and public diplomacy and transatlantic relations. Ruben Zaiotti is the author of the monograph “Cultures of Border Control: Schengen and the Evolution of European Frontiers” with University of Chicago Press and […]

Dalhousie University


Brunet-Jailly, Emmanuel

Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly is Professor at the School of Public Administration and Director of the Jean Monnet Centre at the University of Victoria. Dr, Brunnet-Jailly holds the Jean Monnet Chair in Innovative Governance. He is also the the Lead of the Jean Monnet Network Border/Migration and the Lead of the  SSHRC Borders in Globalization Partnership project (BIG). Currently, his research focuses on comparative and interdisciplinary theorization of cross-border urban regions & implications for European integration. Media Experience: Dr. Brunet-Jailly has an extensive outreach […]

University of Victoria


Schmidtke, Oliver

Oliver Schmidtke is Director of the Centre for Global Studies (CFGS) and Jean Monnet Chair in European Politics and History at the University of Victoria. Dr. Schmidtke, a former director of European Studies and president of the European Community Studies Association in Canada (ECSA-C), holds appointments in the departments of Political Science and History. Currently his research focuses on issues of democracy, populism, memory politics, the labour market inclusion of highly skilled immigrants as well as processes of political advocacy […]

University of Victoria


Vallet, Elisabeth

Elisabeth Vallet is an Associate Professor and a Research Director in geopolitics at the Raoul-Dandurand Chair at the University of Quebec at Montreal. Transatlantic relations and EU-US constitutional analysis are her major fields of interest. Elisabeth has a great deal of media experience. See Dr. Vallet’s media profile. Research Interests: Transatlantic relations and EU-US constitutional analysis

University of Quebec at Montreal


Maas, Willem

Willem Maas (PhD Yale), Jean Monnet Chair and Professor of Political Science, Public & International Affairs, and Socio-Legal Studies at York University, chaired Glendon Political Science for three and a half years and Glendon Faculty Council for four. Professor Maas co-founded APSA’s Migration and Citizenship section, has held appointments at EUI, Leiden, NYU, and elsewhere, and writes on EU and multilevel citizenship, migration, borders, and politics focusing on Europe and North America. Research Interests: Citizenship and nationality, Migration, Immigration, Free movement […]

York University


Mahon, Rianne

Rianne Mahon holds the CIGI chair in comparative family and social policy at the Balsillie School of International Affairs and Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. Her earlier work focused on unions and labour market restructuring in Canada and Sweden. Over the past decade she has produced numerous articles and book chapters on the politics of childcare at multiple scales. Dr. Mahon’s current SSHRC funded research project looks at policy learning in a multi-scalar world: Canada, Korea, Sweden and the OECD’s […]

Wilfrid Laurier University


Gould, Robert

Robert Gould is an expert on examination of contemporary discourses of immigration and identity in a range of European countries – such as Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Spain, United Kingdom, France and Switzerland. He also undertakes investigation of the statements in speeches and official documents from Brussels on the same topics. Dr. Gould has also worked on the media and political discourses concerning minorities in Latvia.   Research Interests: Immigration and identity discourses in a range of European countries – Austria, […]

Carleton University

Network on Democracy

This group of scholars reflects the collaboration of the “Canada Europe Dialogue on Democracy” project and the “Populism and its Effects on Liberal Democracy: Minority Rights and Freedom of Speech” project. We connect scholars with wider public audiences through public events, webinars, video interviews, media outreach, blogs, mentorship of policy memos, and an open access database

Migration Experts

The project Canada Europe Dialogue on Migration: Cross-Border Mobility and the European Union Refugee Crisis – CEDoM” brought together a multi-disciplinary expert group in the field of the governance of borders and migration. It promoted exchange between Canada and the EU in scholarly and broader public debates with the aim to expand the knowledge of European integration through the lens of migration and border studies in Canada.

Memory Politics Group

This Network reflects the collaboration between the Jean Monnet Network “European Memory Politics:  Populism, Nationalism and the Challenges to a European Memory Culture 2019-2023” . The Network is a partnership between the Center for Global Studies (CFGS) at the University of Victoria and the Institute for Political Studies (IEP) at the University of Strasbourg  (France), the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań  (Poland) and the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Faculty of Social Sciences in Budapest (Hungary).