Moldovan Dilemmas, by Piotr Oleksy

By Piotr Oleksy, Adam Mickiewicz University

In Moldova, building a pro-Russian regime is much more difficult than a pro-Western one. If the Eastern Partnership were a strictly geopolitical project, Moldova could be considered its true success story.

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About the author: Dr Piotr Oleksy is an associate professor at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (History Department) and publicist collaborating with leading Polish journals. Scholarly expertise focuses on collective identity dynamics and identity policies in Central and Eastern Europe after collapse of Soviet Union and on international relations in the region. Author of two monographies on unrecognized Transdniestria and participant of international forums working on solving Transdniestrian conflict. Co-author of the report for European Parliament “Association agreements between the EU and Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine. European Implementation Assessment” (European Parliament ThinkTank, 2018). He is collaborating with opinion-forming and prestigious Polish journals like New Eastern Europe, Tygodnik Powszechny, Znak; international affairs commentator for Radio TokFM. Coordinator of many initiatives on promoting history, cultural heritage and literature, i.a. series of literature talks “Looking to the East” in Central of Culture “The Castle” in Poznań.